Healed of Smoking and Drinking

I was raised in a mainstream Christian denomination and I attended Sunday school and regular church services. Later, when I entered the military at the age of 18, I found myself doing things with my buddies which included using alcohol and tobacco. After returning to civilian life, it seemed normal to continue these habits. But, I do not blame military life for this, as these were personal choices which could have been made anytime and anywhere. Later after marriage and children, these behaviors brought unhappiness into our home life and began to threaten my work life.

After a serious bout of drinking one night, I was unable to go to work and I came to the realization that if it continued I would probably lose my job and maybe my family. When I reported to work after this experience, I kept smoking about a pack a day but trimmed back on the drinking. A friend in the small town where we lived was a Christian Scientist, who I turned to for prayerful help, and I started learning about this teaching to the extent that I wanted it in my life too. But, I could not overcome the smoking. Despite going several days now and then without a cigarette, the habit was hard to break.

I knew that Christian Science followers did not smoke or drink and, at that time, this abstinence was a requirement for church membership. One night I fell on my knees alone in my room and held up a cigarette in my hand. I said something like “Dear God, this is something I like more than I love you. Please, help me.” I knew that this thinking couldn’t be true and that revelation freed me. The craving for tobacco was gone and shortly thereafter the desire for alcohol also left. I was free, and began the serious study of Christian Science which made me a new man. I became a member of the Mother Church and joined a local branch church and have been active in church work ever since.

This experience took place over 50 years ago. I am deeply grateful to God and to Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science, which has shown me a new way of living a life in service to God, based on the healing works of Christ Jesus.

Submitted by Millard Tracy Pliler