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  • Absolute Faith

    BY DON FLEMING  Impalas are amazing leapers. They can jump up about 10 feet into the air. While running, they can cover up to 30 feet in a single bound.  However, impalas can be contained inside a six-foot high fence if they cannot see outside […]

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  • Plant with raindrop

    Perfectly Planted

    BY DON FLEMING In the area of the country where I live, the summer months can be extremely hot and dry, especially when there is little or no rainfall from June to August. One summer afternoon a couple of years ago, I was watering my […]

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  • No Smoking

    Healed of Smoking and Drinking

    I was raised in a mainstream Christian denomination and I attended Sunday school and regular church services. Later, when I entered the military at the age of 18, I found myself doing things with my buddies which included using alcohol and tobacco. After returning to […]

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  • The Universe

    Working With A Song Reveals Freedom

    One day I was working with a song I had written, changing a few lines to fit more of a Christian Science way of thinking because a friend and I were going to perform it for a Christian Scientist. I was changing the line from […]

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  • Car Crash

    Broken Jaw Healed

    The study and applications of the teachings of Christian Science have brought me spiritual unfoldment, healings and opportunities to help others. One of these healings occurred when in an automobile collision my chin struck the steering wheel with force, cutting my lip and pushing the […]

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